Narcotics police

Making drug-related
crime difficult

BIOSENSOR’s equipment opens up new possibilities to detect drugs.  It enables detection of possession, intake or dealing. BIOSENS® equipment helps to identify drug abuse or drug traces on the spot when there is no time for laboratory analysis. In addition it enables rapid on-site screening for drug abuse of larger populations at festivals, concerts or any other event where drugs are a problem.

Rapid on-site drug screening
BIOSENS® equipment is easy to use, giving result within 60 seconds. To support suspicion of drug use, an oral fluid sample is acquired without any discomfort and analyzed quickly and easily. A positive sample can be used to strengthen the suspicion.

Immediate detection during operations
Besides exposing drug intake, BIOSENS®600 detects drug traces on people handling drugs by taking a sample from the hands and detects drug traces on objects when performing a house search. The versatility to test if drugs have been in an environment or to test seized tablets or powder gives valuable information on the spot. BIOSENS® equipment will indicate if drugs are present, and which type they are.

Quick facts – BIOSENS 600®
Fast – 30-60 second analysis time
Versatile– Tests for drug abuse and trace detection
Integrity – Less intrusive
Efficient – More tests in shorter time
Cost-effective – Cost per test decreases substantially
Fair – Gender-neutral