First step towards a drug-free life

BIOSENSOR’s ground-breaking technology enables easier sampling and quick results, with less violation of personal integrity in a more hygienic method. With BIOSENS®600 more individuals can be tested and the number of follow-up tests can be increased (8-10 times), leaving more time for rehabilitation.

Besides detecting drug abuse BIOSENS®600 quickly and easily traces drugs in the facilities and on the client’s belongings.

BIOSENS used at rehab
Hassela Gotland, a Swedish center for youths with social problems, has been using Biosensor’s equipment for over two years. The youths are tested on a regular basis and after returning to the premises. For Hassela Gotland, it is a great advantage for them to be able to test everyone and that the process and results are quick. Hassela Gotland wants to have a drug-free environment to the greatest extent possible.

To achieve this it is important to determine if the youths have taken drugs, if they are under the influence, if they have drugs on them, or if they have handled drugs. Previously urine tests were used but that method had disadvantages. The biggest problem for the youth center was that urine tests didn’t detect those who had been taken drugs recently. “I have been cheated for 10 years,” said one leader, and then explained that it takes quite a few hours before drugs show up in urine. Urine tests are often uncomfortable experiences and intrusive. Another problem is that the urine samples can be manipulated.

The youths experience the BIOSENSOR test as much less intrusive. The tests are quick and easy to perform and give immediate results, which mean if someone is under the influence of drugs actions can be taken immediately. With BIOSENS equipment, the staff can perform quick and non-intrusive tests daily without imposing discomfort or damaging the relationship built-up with residents.

Client rehab follow up
To support rehab personnel in their work with clients, BIOSENSOR has developed software called BIOSENS PAL (Post Analysis of Log). Based on historical data, the software program identifies periodical relapse, supports suspicion of drug use and confirms successful treatment.

Quick facts – BIOSENS 600®
Fast – 60 second analysis time
Easy – Hygienic collection method
Integrity – Less intrusive
Efficient – More tests in shorter time.
Cost-effective – Cost per test decrease substantially
Fair – Gender neutral