Detecting explosives
in unclean environments

BIOSENSOR’S unique detection technology gets its strength from combining very high sensitivity and high selectivity. This means that by maintaining very high sensitivity, false positive alarms are kept very low. BIOSENS®300 is proven to deliver extraordinary performance in unclean environments. Another superior feature of the equipment is the short clean-out time. Any contamination will be cleaned and the system will be able to perform at its original capacity and sensitivity, within 10 minutes.

Moving towards greater protection
Surveillance systems have become a reality even in the most safe and protected areas of our society. Yet there is still a concern. Explosive substances are not always detected by normal surveillance systems and detectors. High-security locations, such as nuclear power plants, airports and military bases, require the means to detect explosive substances in a reliable and functional way.

Delivering detection
A difficulty today screening for explosive substances is the high level of false alarms. Professional security personnel need a complete battery of equipment enabling them to fully detect liquids, traces and substances for analysis in the field. BIOSENS®300 screens for traces, performed with a quick and easy swipe sample, giving an immediate detection and identification of a threat substance.  For example, samples can be taken from engine compartments, cargo, clothes, bags, steering wheels or any other object. Analysis and identification of substances takes only 30 seconds.

Quick facts – BIOSENS®300
Reliable – Low false alarms
Dual Mode – Explosives & Drugs
Safe – Excellent sensitivity
Easy – Works in dirty environments
Efficient – More tests in shorter time
Fast – 30-second analysis time