Traffic police

Revolutionizing the fight
against drugs in traffic

Drivers under the influence of drugs are an essential problem that traffic officers have limited chances of fighting in an effective way. BIOSENSOR’s unique test equipment makes it possible to perform on-site screening to identify drivers under the influence of drugs. Recent studies show that it is more common for drivers to be under the influence of drugs than alcohol. Today 2.6 million alcohol tests are carried out in Sweden but only 12,000 drug tests are performed annually. BIOSENS®600 revolutionizes police work and increase traffic safety.

The key feature of BIOSENS® equipment is the rapid analysis time and easy operation, making it possible to screen significantly more drivers. The method is hygienic and involves less violation of personal integrity.

Drug testing – as easy as alcohol testing
An oral fluid sample can be taken through the window without the driver leaving the vehicle. The BIOSENS® Oral Collector is wiped over the drivers tongue and the officer inserts the sample in the BIOSENS equipment. Within a minute the result is presented. This type of rapid response is a requirement for effective traffic control.

More drugs than alcohol in traffic
The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute carried out an investigation of driving under the influence of drugs. 10,200 drivers were stopped on the road. Of these, 0.2% were under the influence of alcohol. Out of the 10,200 drivers 6,400 agreed to participate in a drug test, of which 0.4% had taken an illegal drug. Many more were under the influence of medicinal drugs (confirmed or non-confirmed prescription).

In conclusion the investigation showed that twice as many drivers were under the influence of drugs as were under the influence of alcohol. Since the additional drug test was voluntary, the true figure is potentially higher.

Another study, carried out in France, showed that approximately 40% of all young drivers who died in traffic accidents were under the influence of drugs. Statistics from the American National Institute of Drug Abuse show that 16% of drivers during weekends and evenings are under the influence of drugs. Of those involved in traffic accidents, 34% had been affected by drugs.

Quick facts – BIOSENS®600
Fast – 60-second analysis time
Easy – Hygienic collection method
Integrity – Less intrusive
Efficient – More tests in shorter time
Cost-effective – Cost per test decreases substantially
Fair – Gender-neutral