Correctional authorities

First step towards
a drug-free environment

BIOSENSOR’s ground-breaking technology improves the chance to detect drug abuse at correctional facilities. The key is the short analyzing time and easy operation making it possible to screen significantly more individuals. With BIOSENS® equipment, personal integrity is less violated. Testing is also very hygienic. With BIOSENS equipment all inmates can be tested routinely and the number of tests can be increased (8-10 times) – leaving more time for rehabilitation.

Besides detecting drug abuse BIOSENS® equipment can easily trace drugs on visitors and any objects they may have brought with them. Even mail sent to inmates can be screened to ensure no drugs enter the premises.

Towards zero-tolerance of drugs
For correctional services, screening and detection of drug use is high priority. The objective can be to protect inmates and make sure they never get exposed to drugs, or stop dealing and handling drugs inside the walls. Studies at selective correctional services indicate that a large number of clients frequently use drugs inside the facility. Inmates confirm drugs to be easily obtained. As a result, the majority of drug users who initially intend giving up drugs have difficulty staying clean over time when drugs are easily accessible.

Inmate follow-up
To support rehab personnel in their work with inmates, BIOSENSOR has developed BIOSENS PAL (Post Analysis of Log). Based on historical data, this software program identifies periodical relapses, supports suspicion of drug use, and confirms successful treatment.

Quick facts – BIOSENS 600®
Fast – 60-second analysis time
Easy – Hygienic collection method
Integrity – Less intrusive
Efficient – More tests in shorter time
Cost-effective – Cost per test decreases substantially
Fair – Gender-neutral