About us

Biosensor Applications® AB is a public Swedish company located in Upplands-Väsby, Stockholm. Biosensor develops, market and manufacture drug and explosive detection equipment.

BIOSENS® Test Equipment is founded on a unique and patented biotechnology. This technology enables detection of both explosives and narcotics.

BIOSENS® equipment is sold world-wide through a distribution network.

2010 – First 2nd generation BIOSENS®300 & 600 delivered
2009 – 2nd generation BIOSENS®300 & 600 launched
2007 – German technology acquired and subsidiary BIOSENSOR GmbH established
2006 – BIOSENS® Dynamic S release for THC detection
2005 – Market release of BIOSENS®with 4 explosives and 4 narcotic detectors
2004 – Biosensor develops its distribution network
2003 – First BIOSENS® Test Equipment installed in Japan
2002 – Production of narcotic detector, BIOSENS-D starts
2001 – Narcotic detectors are completed
2000 – Biosensor office moves from Örebro to Stockholm
1997 – First prototype developed
1995 – Development of BIOSENS® Technology at Bofors, a Swedish Defence Contractor