Border Control/Customs

New means to efficiently
detect drugs & explosives

BIOSENSOR’s ground-breaking test equipment is used today by customs and border controls around the world. BIOSENSOR’s tests are quick and give an immediate identification of illegal substances, making it possible for customs to easily screen a large number of vehicles, people and other objects.

Customs officers work in unprotected and contaminated environments, checking vehicles, goods, ships and people. BIOSENSOR’s equipment provides quick results and delivers high sensitivity with limited false alarms, even under the difficult circumstances in which the custom officers work.

Stopping the problem at the border
Across the world, border control agents only search a small fraction of cargo and passengers passing through a port of entry. Without international trade, use and abuse of drugs would only be a selective problem in particular countries. Countries aiming towards zero tolerance of drugs work to detect drug use, possession and trade in all parts of society. A border is usually the one and only entry port of illegal substances in most societies. Therefore border control detection is one of the most important environments for preventive actions. Detection technologies play an important role in successful border control in combination with the investigation work done by officers. Technology should enable an efficient work process and be reliable, secure and easy to operate.

Leaving fewer goods and people uninvestigated
Illegal international trade of drugs is innovative; therefore successful detection relies on innovative technology leaving fewer goods and people uninvestigated. BIOSENS® test equipment is unique as it combines detection of trace contamination, drugs dissolved in liquids, substance and drug abuse through oral and skin samples. This means that a suspected individual can be tested not only for possession but also for use, abuse and even recent contact with drugs. A sample from fingers or any other part of the body can detect contact with illegal substances. An oral fluid or sweat sample indicates a recent intake of drugs. Biosensor’s equipment provides quick results and with high sensitivity and limited false alarms.

BIOSENS® detects trafficking of ecstasy
At a border crossing in Thailand a BIOSENS®300 was deployed for checking vehicles for drug trafficking. Selected vehicles were screened by swiping steering wheels, door handles, gear shifts and glove compartments. A sample from one of the vehicles indicated a positive trace contamination. The officers decided to search the car and a large number of ecstasy tablets were found and seized. This is an example when trace detection gives additional value in the decision process and increases the probability of finding contraband.

A car screened by Biosens® at the Thai border showed a trace contamination.

Preventive action at border crossings
To target future interventions at the right locations Biosensor has developed BIOSENS® PAL (Post Analysis of Log). Based on historical data, the software program performs follow up analysis from one or multiple locations. It enables management to track investigations and provide data on initiatives of both screening and investigative actions.

Quick facts – BIOSENS®300
Reliable – Low false alarms
Dual Mode – Explosives & Drugs
Safe – Excellent sensitivity
Easy – Works in dirty environments
Efficient – More tests in shorter time
Fast – 30-second analysis time