Rapid on-site screening of drugs

Biosensor Applications® research, development and expertise and has led to the development of the world’s first detector for rapid on-site screening. BIOSENS®600 is designed to provide rehab centers, correctional facilities, border control, traffic police and workplaces a drug detection device that is reliable and easy to use for on-site screening. The unique design, variety of sample options and set of substances enable BIOSENS®600 to perform on-site mass screening in the preventive fight towards zero-drug tolerance.

Detection capabilities
BIOSENS®600 enable the unique combination of trace detection and detection of drug abuse. Drugs can be detected in the following modes:

• Oral fluid – Oral fluid is an accurate and effective tool detecting recent intake of drugs. Oral fluid samples can be collected anytime, anywhere and don’t require special facilities.
• Skin sample – Taking sweat samples from the skin is an alternative to oral fluid, giving a longer window of detection. Does not detect THC.

• Trace detection – Trace samples reveals if an item such as a bag, steering wheel or wallet has been in contact with a drug. This is a firm indication to start searching for the source.
• Substance identification – Is it caffeine or cocaine? With the substance identification mode a powder or tablet can easily be tested to find out if it is a drug or not.
• Liquid detection – Drugs can be dissolved in liquids to mask their presence. A small drop of a suspected liquid is quickly tested to find out if a drug is present.

Detectable substances
BIOSENS®600 identifies and detects drugs more rapidly than any other technology. BIOSENSOR provides sensors for detection of the most common present drugs.

Consumables & Accessories
Along with BIOSENS®600 you have consumables for analysis of drugs as well as collection devices. Available accessories enable you to add on software features for analysis of data.

Our Technology has been developed with focus on great usability and reliability of each test. To read more details about the technology please follow the below link.